Meet the Professionals

Angie Davis
Owner – Angie Davis

Angie began her career in the ‘corporate world’ as a sales rep for an import company. In 2006, Angie’s husband got the call for deployment overseas. Before he left for Iraq he bought her a camera so she could take lots of photos of their children to send to him. When he returned, he told her she was pretty good and bought her a Nikon D80. She continued to improve, and a year later he bought her a Nikon D90. In 2008 he then bought her a Nikon D700, thus beginning Angie Davis Photography. Both her corporate and photography careers continued to flourish and grow. Again, her sweet husband upgraded her to a Nikon D4. Not long after upgrading her camera again he woke her with her morning coffee, as he always has and still does, telling her he wanted her to quit her corporate job and follow her dreams of photography. He told her that he would eat Beanie Weenies without the Weenies for as long as it took because he believed in her that much. Well, he got his fair share of beanies.. but without the weenies. In 2014, Angie’s photography business was finally off the ground and soaring. In 2015 she opened her studio in Conway.

Less than four years after quitting her job, Angie has once again transformed her business. Her company is now known as ANGIE DAVIS and has morphed into a lingerie & intimate apparel store and a boudoir studio. Angie’s passion for helping women feel and look their best has grown into a fun, classy and comfortable place for all women to come to. Wether they are needing a new bra, something lacy to wear, makeup & hair styling for a special event, a place to have a lingerie shower or have a boudoir session; Angie has made all those things possible now right here in central Arkansas!

Visit or call for more information at 501-450-4886.