The Second Time Around – Bachelorette Party

    Bachelorette Party Derby Style Posted: 3/4/15   So….I have no problem being the center of attention. AT ALL. So when my girlfriend wanted to host a bachelorette party at Oaklawn, I thought it was perfect. The perfect time to do something I never had the chance to do before…wear a derby hat. But not just ANY derby hat – a one-of-a-kind and over-the-top derby hat. And of course my friends were forced to join in. See the pics below of our DIY creations. ↓         How did we do it? Because we were in the[…]

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The Second Time Around – KIDS!


One of the important elements of our wedding was to incorporate my two sons. I looked all over for different ideas and came up with a combination of ideas I found. First, I wanted them to walk me down the aisle. Being the “second time around,” I sort of felt like my dad already gave me away once. To me it will be more symbolic for the boys to walk me to my future husband. They aren’t necessarily giving me away, but walking me down the aisle to OUR future family.

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Second Time Around – the dress

heartThe second time around was a much different experience for me when finding my wedding gown. I think we start out having this dream of what our shopping experience will be like. All your girlfriends and/or family spending a day trying on beautiful gowns as you parade in front of them. You look in the mirror and you either cry – because it’s “the one” – or everyone collectively decides it’s not and you move on to the next one. Basically it’s a magically day filled with laughter and tears you will cherish forever.

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Confused by the “Bridal World” of dress shopping

bridalcottageBy The Bridal Cottage: As Bridal Consultants, we hear a lot of questions that Brides have when first diving into what we like to call ‘Bridal World’. Beginning the process of finding a Bridal gown can be very confusing. But not to worry! We have listed some of the questions we hear by Brides when they visit our store:

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Second Time Around

heartFULL DISCLOSURE: I am a 38-year-old mother of two and getting married in 6 weeks … for the second time.   I have been the event director of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Bridal Shows for the past 8 years and before that I was a writer at the newspaper where I wrote lots of wedding-related stories like “how to find the perfect dress” and “choosing the bouquet that is right for you.”   You get the jest.

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