Bachelorette Party Derby Style

Posted: 3/4/15


So….I have no problem being the center of attention. AT ALL. So when my girlfriend wanted to host a bachelorette party at Oaklawn, I thought it was perfect. The perfect time to do something I never had the chance to do before…wear a derby hat. But not just ANY derby hat – a one-of-a-kind and over-the-top derby hat. And of course my friends were forced to join in. See the pics below of our DIY creations. ↓






How did we do it?

Because we were in the dead of winter we had to order our sunhats online. The black hats were found for under $20 at Target.com (later I did see them in store too) and my black and white hat was found on ebay.com of all places (haven’t used that site in forever) and was $25.


Next, we went shopping. Hobby Lobby had the best selection for what we needed: Flowers, bows, feathers, ribbon and random “pieces” like the bride and groom cake topper I used on my hat and the awesome peacock by friend Amanda used on her hat. When you go, make sure you have enough time to shop because you’ll find things you might want in the most random places. Another tip, have somewhat of a plan of what you want to do before you get there or you will leave with way too much or too little. You don’t need to necessarily know what all you want on the hat itself, but an idea of a theme, colors, etc would help guide your shopping trip.


And last, get out the glue gun, sewing kit and safety pins. Kristin (pink butterfly hat) only needed scissors or should I say only had scissors to work with and made it look great. She had everything purchased in advance but with three little ones never had the time to create the masterpiece until we started on the drive to the races. She just poked and tied the elements to the hat and it was done!


I didn’t want to ruin the hat so I used most of the items onto the band and used safety pins for other items. The items I did have to glue were glued onto other pieces so I could remove them without causing damage to the hat.I doubt it would hold up in a wind storm, but for the day it worked great. The MRS letters I added to the hat had a sticky back so should easily peel off.


Or you can take the “less is more” approach as Arshia and Celeste did. Celeste got lucky – her hat, measuring all of 2 inches, was borrowed from a friend and purchased at Charming Charlies. I only required the girls to wear fancy hats, not BIG fancy hats. It was really cute and required zero effort. Arshia took her black hat and some feathers that had fallen off a friend’s hat and stuck them into the brim of the hat and boom…she was done.


And attention we did get.