Including sons in wedding is top priority

Posted: 3/2/15


One of the important elements of our wedding was to incorporate my two sons. I looked all over for different ideas and came up with a combination of ideas I found.


First, I wanted them to walk me down the aisle. Being the “second time around,” I sort of felt like my dad already gave me away once. To me it will be more symbolic for the boys to walk me to my future husband. They aren’t necessarily giving me away, but walking me down the aisle to OUR future family.



Another is to include them in the ceremony after our vows and to make vows to them/each other. More like promises. They will go something like this: “Do you promise to love and respect each other….” Simple and sweet – something that will make the boys feel apart of the union. Although when I told my oldest about the idea he jokingly said “I’ll just say NOT PROMISE” and that will be funny. Ugh…no. But I know he is not brave and come the day of I’m sure he’ll drop the funny business.


I also added, after the promises to each other, a sand ceremony. I know…I know… It is super cheesy but totally fits my kids’ ages and they will get it more than giving them a medallion or something. That, of course, they would loose within days and be very upset about it. So this way, the sand ceremony creation will be captured and put on a shelf and hopefully our adventurous cat doesn’t decide to knock it over.


I wanted the boys to match my bridegroom. Not entirely, but he choose a charcoal gray suit, light gray shirt and a pattern navy blue tie. The boys will have matching gray pants and shirt, but the jacket will be replaced with suspenders because I seriously could not handle them in little men jackets. Suspenders however are adorable. Instead of a tie, sold navy bowties. We did a dress rehearsal last night and let me tell you…they will steal the show for sure. Going for this look. ↓


After the wedding, during our sit down dinner, the boys and their cousins (who vary in ages but are all under 8) will have a fun package when they get to the restaurant. I know it is hard for the kids to be patient so they must be rewarded and hopefully the little activities, sticker books, toys (all from the Dollar Store) will do the trick. Fingers crossed!!!


Found some inspiration here: http://www.ivillage.ca/relationships/marriage/blended-families-how-incorporate-kids-your-wedding