Every bride wants her wedding to be unique. From the dress to the food to the music, you want to express your personal style. It all starts with the first thing your guests see: the invitations.


Everything can be personalized.

Whether you decide to DIY your invitations, order them online, or go to a local artist you will never be limited to the amount of individuality that invitation making can offer you.

Some fun touches you can add these days to invites are glow in the dark ink, hologram foil stamping, etching on Plexiglas, and even custom painted invitations.

Make sure to definitely research all the options available to you, but don’t be afraid to add your own flare to make your invitation almost as memorable as your special day!

Shout out to our favorite printing studio in Little Rock, Hobart Print Studio. Make sure to check them out at this years Fall Bridal Show on August 6th. You can also visit their website to see how they could make your wedding one of a kind!